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Avalanche Land operates hunting leases capable of producing trophy quality animals. 

With the great diversity of habitats, from agriculture areas, to heavily wooded

tracks, and to patches of suburban woodlots.

Pennsylvania has every terrain that game animals love to inhabit. 

These great natural habitats make wildlife thrive in the Eastern United States.

Over one million Pennsylvania hunting licenses are issued ever year due to the
abundance of deer, bear, turkey, geese, and small game. 

This has made it more and more difficult to find uncrowded quality hunting areas.

Avalanche Land Services LLC represents hunters who are willing to pay a fair price to Hunt Privately Owned Property.  Avalanche Land has scouted all listed farms and assures you that it's a prime hunting lease.  All prices are for the"EXCLUSIVE" hunting rights for your hunting group ONLY.  Leases are active for a full year from the date of signing and can be renewed year to year.  

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Let Avalanche Land locate a safe and affordable lease to harvest your game!!!
  • Abundant Game Animals
  • Trophy Quality Bucks
  • Exclusive Hunting areas
  • Heavily Wooded Tracks

Great Hunting Leases

Indiana and Armstrong County

10000+/- acres​